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       Auction Tips
Get there early to look over the lots you
want to bid on,
All way Look up and do your home work
before bidding.
Most Auctions All such terms, including
adjectival and numerical
descriptions of any coins and or other
numismatic items, is
an opinion and subjective and not
guaranteed, No
warranty, whether expressed or implied, is
made with
respect to such adjectival and numerical
which can and do vary among experts:nor
is any warranty
or representation made that any other
expert, All items on
the sale are sold as is.  
Keep watch on the lots you want to bid on
some time other bidder may take or move
some thing from a lot so he or she  can
buy it at a  lower bid,
Know what your high bid will be in head
before lot comes up for auction , And
Have Fun.  You may not get all you went
for But you sure find some good lots and
new friends at the auction,You check out
do not lay down your bid card take it with
you or tear it up for in your name and you
do not want some one pick it up and be
bidding on it. Happy bidding. And Good
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